Anonymous asked:

any merthur with merwaine undertones or in which merlin and gwaine were together or like each other (but merthur being the main and final ship)?

fuckyeahmerlinfanfic answered:

Tug of war
SummaryArthur really should have listened when Morgana told him that having a child at someone else’s demand was a bad idea because, though he’ll never say as much aloud, she was correct. It started off with Merlin spilling coffee (which was far too common, really); there was a bit of paint and a baby in the middle and then, in the end, there was a break-up…

Except, that wasn’t the end at all. Arthur wouldn’t let it be.

The one where Gwaine gets cockblocked by destiny
SummaryGwaine is supposed to be getting some sexy-times with Merlin. He doesn’t understand why that isn’t happening and he’s going to find out, dammit.

You forgave and I won’t forget
SummaryArthur has finally wised up, but now Merlin is happy with Gwaine- is it too late?

After school special
SummaryLike most teenage boys, Merlin’s life revolved around Call of Duty and putting a minimal amount of effort into school to get the maximum result, while dedicating his remaining free time to more important pursuits, like getting laid. He was doing pretty well for himself, considering he was kind of funny looking and definitely not popular. Then Arthur Pendragon came long and fucked it all up. (Well, there was also Gwaine. Dammit. He might as well start there.)

Fix me
SummaryMerlin and Gwaine’s relationship is shit. Cue Arthur the sexy handyman.

If perfect’s what you’re searching for
SummaryArthur’s the deputy fire chief. Merlin’s magic keeps accidentally setting fires. Silliness and chaos ensues.

Summary“Kids have crushes on teachers all the time. It’s perfectly normal.”

Kept us awake with wolf teeth
Summary“What’s it like having sex with a bloke?”

There’s an onslaught of bullets and the screen goes red. Merlin looks at him through narrowed eyes “What the fuck, Arthur?”

“It’s a simple question! I’m just curious I mean you’re the only gay person I know and you’re my best mate.”

Stuck in reverse
SummaryMerlin wasn’t heartbroken, but it’s been hard, after a year of comfortable intimacy, comfortable trust and comfortable sex, to suddenly adjust to being alone.

Vicarious matchmaking
SummaryMerlin is seventeen, in the upper sixth-form and has no boyfriend. He might want one. His best friend, Arthur, is equally seventeen, has been around, and wants to help Merlin with everything he’s got. Cue his matchmaking efforts. Except, being a teenager is more confusing than it seems.

Third in Line
Summary: KMM fill: Merlin’s first love was Lancelot, the second was Gwaine. They remain friends even when things didn’t work out between them. Along comes Arthur and Merlin is smitten with him. Lancelot and Gwaine decide to vet him to make sure he is good enough for their Merlin. Cue shenanigans.

Can’t Buy Me Love
Summary: Merlin hires a date for his high school graduation dinner. They’re never going to see each other again, especially not when Merlin’s moving across the country for University. So while it may be slightly embarrassing, it isn’t complicated …until the fellow first year hitting on Merlin turns out to be one of his hired date’s best friends.

Everything You Want is Wrong
Summary: high school AU: Merlin and Gwaine are dating. Arthur definitely isn’t jealous.

The New Tutor
Summary: Arthur is a single father to Mordred, who happens to be a smart-ass. When Mordred needs a new tutor, Arthur finds himself suddenly attracted to the new tutor, Merlin. 

Hurricane Drunk
Summary: Gwaine drinks. Mostly because, well, he’s a bit of an alcoholic, but also because of Merlin and his stupid best friend Arthur and their obvious love for each other above everyone else. Above Merlin’s love for Gwaine.

Summary: Gwen and Arthur have been married for several years, Merlin’s magic has been revealed and Arthur has reached a cold peace with it. Then a delegation arrives from a kingdom based on magic, and suddenly Destiny is starkly and ruthlessly to the fore. The question is, should—can—it be avoided?

The Fall
Summary: Arthur meets an unemployed and couch-surfing Merlin at Uther’s funeral and decides to let him stay in Uther’s apartment rent-free for a while. It should be a simple arrangement, but something about Merlin makes him so much more than just a tenant.

The Ugly Duckling Syndrome
Summary: At sixteen, Merlin had been gangly and awkward and nothing but the cook’s son to his crush: carefree playboy Gwaine Debois. When he returned to England after a couple of years away, he was delighted and surprised to catch Gwaine’s interest. But the course of true love never did run smooth and Arthur, Gwaine’s business-focused cousin had an agenda of his own and Merlin was standing in his way.

Now I Will Unsettle the Ground Beneath You
Summary: Merlin’s dreams have always fuelled his art, but they’ve always been abstract and removed from reality. Soon after he meets Gwaine, he starts to see vivid images of a past full of death and magic and love for a King who was ripped from him. Things only escalate further when he spends a weekend in the country with Gwaine and meets his group of friends, which includes aristocrat and It Boy, Arthur Pendragon. Merlin soon realises that no matter how hard you try, one thing is certain, you can’t fuck with destiny.